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From your iOS device you can reach out and touch computers in every country in the world, see how long it takes them to respond. You'll never have to leave home, but you can touch them a 10 thousand kilometres away, and see a response. We show live accurate cloud cover data, the day/night terminus, night lights, and in 2.0 weather data from all the weather stations accessible in the world.

In 2.0 we now provide weather information and two day forecasting using one the of best data suppliers in the world. Our data is more accurate than what Yahoo or the Weather Channel provides and is more timely too as it is usually no less that 60 minutes old.

Dot Colours:

Green: Communication is ok double tap to get a map view & weather info.

Red: Has internet, but the connectivity is so poor we can't get an echo.

Black: Doesn’t have internet connections.

Brown:  Uninhabited, or lack communication infrastructure. 

Grey: Uninhabited but do have a domain TLD.

Pink: We couldn’t find a computer to use in that country.

Purple:  Status, we have communicated with them yet.

By reviewing network topology maps, internet infrastructure, and running diagnostics to determined which educational, telecommunications, or government sites are actually located in their respected countries you will find that when you send electrons to Gibraltar they arrive in Gibraltar, not at a server in the United Kingdom, or at a Amazon computing complex in the USA.

Once we have processed the entire planet we make five more attempts at one minute intervals to resolve failures. Because of your location, network issues, even the time of day, it's possible you might not be able to visit every country, but we'll try.


Yes the globe spins, but you can tap once to make it stop,  use pinch, stretch, rotate or swipe to navigate.   Double tap and we'll bring up maps so you can understand where you are, and we place an purple annotation pin on the map in the largest city or capital of the country to show the echo time in milliseconds. The speed of light is really fast, so don't be surprised if a country on the other side of the planet responds in an eye blink.

You can tap/hold to place ad-hoc red pins, then touch either the red or purple pins to get weather information depending on what you have purchased. To show how the app works we give you seven free queries for Capital cities.


At the start of each attempt we make a Ping noise, then maybe an echo sound, if the attempt fails then about 12 seconds later you'll get a thunk noise.  You can use the speaker icon to turn sound on, or off.  We'll remember the setting the next time you use WorldPulse.

Copyright Info:

The WorldPulse app is copyright Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd  2010, 2011, 2012, Idea and concept for WorldPulse by Ted Kaehler.


*  We don't visit Antarctica, that's expensive for them since the electrons have to fly to a satellite, those electrons are free for you, but expensive for someone else. Small countries like Pitcairn Islands have opted out due to concerns about traffic costs. Lastly some remote islands have been assigned a network name, but are uninhabited, they exist in the internet, but don't actually have computers physically located on them, so there is no computer there to ping.

** WorldPulse generates a small amount of network traffic which might mean additional charges on your data plan.

*** WorldPulse is not a diagnostic tool, it's for entertainment, figuring out why a country is not reachable requires the use of professional tools that are specifically designed to perform network diagnostics, that's not WorldPulse's goal.